Medard Gabel: Global Solutions Lab (16-24 June 2020 at United Nations and Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia)


Students and young professionals from around the world* are coming to the 2019 Lab. They will be briefed by UN experts (from UN Habitat, UN Development Program, UN Environmental Program, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and other UN agencies),** develop comprehensive strategies for solving some of the world’s most critical problems, and then present their work at the UN. They will learn a powerful strategic design and planning methodology that will be of use for the rest of their life, as well learn about leadership, problem solving and design. They will learn about global problems, options, technology, culture, resources and what they can do to make a difference. They will meet others with similar passions about the state of the world—and what we can do to make things better.

The Global Solutions Lab is where solutions to global and local problems are developed—by you. Read more about the 2019 lab. Download flyer.

ROBERT STEELE: I have participated in one of these — they WORK and participants experience an “aha” moment half-way through.  I have also written rave reviews of Medard's books. He was Buckminster Fuller's direct assistant and side-kick for many years.  Medard Gabel is an ORIGINAL. I strongly recommend the Global Solutions Lab not least because it is led by Buckminster Fuller's alter ego, Medard Gabel.

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