Mongoose: Pete Buttigeig as Big a Military Fraud as Tulsi Gabbard

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader flags the below by former real Marine.

The Pomeranian Prince Buttigeig

Direct Commissioning is for the politically connected, the washed and the establishment and those manicured soft-skinned few. The rank and file disparage officers like Petey as “Push Buttons,” and, “Pomeranian Princes,” or, “Spit Squids.”

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Phi Beta Iota: Buttigeig is a fraud, just as Tulsi Gabbard is a fraud. In her case, she was a Congressional staffer who evidently joined the military as a political move, and then managed a direct commission after brief service as an enlisted military police driver or somesuch, and became a nurse administrator, not a combat officer as she often intimates. She is in violation of every DoD regulation having to do with exploitation of the uniform in political activities.


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