Randy Short: A Real Black Strategy for Donald Trump

Cultural Intelligence

Trump campaign opening 15 community centers to reach black voters

Opening community centers instead of centering on the existing Black Churches that are the bedrock of most Black communities?

Black Republican In Name Only (BRINO) forces are subversives and fifth columnists and represent nothing more than discarded Democrat rejects who deeply desire being brought in from the cold. BRINOS are Trump's Achilles' Heel because they have systematically and intentionally and mendaciously worked to stymie the GOP making enroads for Trump into the Black mainstream in 2020.

2016 was a fluke the BRINOS had no ground game then, nor do they have one now. Evidence of this was the paltry Atlanta Black summit where 400 out of 65 million Blacks greeted the president. All those involved know that this was a farce. The president was worthy of thousands of attendants. These greedy and selfish gatekeepers are enemies to Trump and they are not for MAGA but for being Democrat-lite line crashers.

This is what a real Black Strategy for Trump should look like.

01 Trump's reelection committee lacks black people with a flair for strategy. Trump needs real and authentic and grounded Black friends who would not be received like extraterrestrials in Black circles. At present, Trump's re-election team has a dearth of people able to articulate and advocate tangible reasons why Blacks should vote for him. The Blacks on Team Trump have no following among Black people. Team Trump cannot afford to be as dumb in 2020 as they were in 2016 with the black demographic.

02 Nobody that supports Trump outside their annointed contraband camp followers are allowed to speak to Trump. Insider GOP RINO Never Trumpers are ruining the race.

03 Trump's Plantation Reelection campaign has no Black men from the grassroots advocating for him. Even Commie Sanders has Nina Turner! Black men are his base it is stupid to have a half breed female head this up. Trump can easily erase his gains allowing bigot black male phobic underlings who are only comfortable with big blossomed sisters calling all the shots. The current “names” have no following among Blacks.

04 Black female minstrels are popular with white haired Boomer GOP folks but are loathed by the masses of Blacks. Black folks want checks not tokens.

05 Trump can outflank the BRINOS by appealing directly to Black Americans from the White House, and he can have his supporters contact him directly through a new group loyal to him alone. Black People for Trump would be a great group.

06 Trump has an army of ex offender Black men in Chicago and these criminal justice reform warriors CJRWs are a formidable army that can steam role the Black Democrat operatives who are out of touch and hated in the hood. Trump has but to ask the ex offenders and promise to make sure HUD Section 3 programs are used to restore these communities and the Democrats are dead due to a realignment of the black working classes.


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