Review: Identity Cartography Maps and Symbols for the Heterarchy

5 Star, Consciousness & Social IQ

5 Stars — Heart, Humanity, Soul, Space — Art as Educator and Healer

In this first book of “The Heterarchy” series, we are introduced to the concept of what comes after the matriarchy and patriarchy – the Heterarchy, the balance and integration of male and female principles – to power our selves, our communities, nation and planet. Based on the essay and exhibit on view at The Woman's National Democratic Club Museum from Sept 6 – Nov 27, 2018.

ROBERT STEELE: Above description is from Amazon. I bought the book, $11, and am truly delighted with it.  It is a slim “coffee table” book of art and ideas, but that does not do it justice. In some ways this little book has art that you can study for days, and thoughts that you can turn over for weeks and more.

There are 20 original color graphics in this soft copy book, each from a full sized art piece that I have known to sell for thousands — and as Nora observes in the video below, her art brings scientists and mathematicians and (I speculate, the Secret Space Program) because they are a “portal” in more ways than one.


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