Robert Reich: Democrats Refused to Fix the Rigged System — They Share the Blame…

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Why Democrats share the blame for the rise of Donald Trump

I was part of a Democratic administration that failed to fix a rigged system – I know our current president is a symptom of our disunion, not its only cause

Democrats did nothing to change the vicious cycle of wealth and power that had rigged the economy for the benefit of those at the top and undermined the working class. As Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg concluded after the 2016 election, “Democrats don’t have a ‘white working-class’ problem. They have a ‘working class problem’ which progressives have been reluctant to address honestly or boldly.

“The fact is that Democrats have lost support with all working-class voters across the electorate.”

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Phi Beta Iota: Reich is full of shit when he says Trump did not win the popular vote (he did, once you remove the 3 million or so illegal aliens and the 3 million or more manipulated by Google) and Reich is also full of shit when he says Trump had help from the Kremlin. Reich is also disingenious (code for being willfully deceptive) when he fails to note that the Electoral College, not the popular vote, elects the President because the President is elected by the fifty sovereign STATES that comprise the United STATES of America. Anyone who does not understand that is stupid, and anyone who does but covers it up is a traitor.

ROBERT STEELE: There is only one solution to all that ails us and it boils down to one word.  INTEGRITY. To restore integrity to the US Government we need to do three things:

  1. Implement #UNRIG — 12 point election reform act
  2. Create an Open Source Agency and tell the truth about everything
  3. Smash the Zionists and their malicious social media machine.

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