Robert Steele: 2020 — Good, Bad, & Ugly

Cultural Intelligence

2020 may well be the bottom of the well for American Presidential elections.

On the one hand, President Donald Trump continues to ignore 70% of the voters disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny; and on the other hand — shocking — the Democratic National Committee (DNC) appears to believe that they make more money and keep  their perks if Trump wins — as Caitlin Johnson argues below, Iowa was not incompetence, Iowa was sabotage from within.

Despite weak but very positive attempts by President Trump to reach out to blacks in particular, but also to others outside his base, President Trump is also  still ignoring the reality long advanced by Dan Schultz, Esquire, to wit, 50% of the Republican Precinct seats are VACANT when they should all be filled by VETERANS.

Mike Bloomberg can win this election. If Bloomberg can overcome his 5′ 7″ impediment with a Tom Cruise stool/camera management, his money and a female vice president and a commitment to #UNRIG now, could do it. Tulsi Gabbard, who is short, has a size advantage over Amy Klobuchar, but there is no comparison — Gabbard is a fraud at multiple levels, Klobuchar has made mistakes but is vastly more substantive.

From where I sit, if President Trump fails to do 9/11 dislosure, Epstein disclosure, and advance #UNRIG in time to make a 2022 diversity Congress possible, Mike Bloomberg — despite his Zionist and anti-gun anti-black positions — could still win this.

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