Robert Steele @ Amazon (Kindle): TRUMP PEACE PLAN – Sheer Genius — Israel Gone by 2022

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Steele, Robert, TRUMP PEACE PLAN: Sheer Genius — Israel Gone by 2022 (Trump Revolution Book 48) (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network, February 2020).

President Donald Trump is a genius. The “new” Palestine Peace Plan is a promising first step toward the restoration of Palestine in President Trump’s second term, when he can fulfil his most important promise to all Americans, one subtly made by Q Anon: “Zionists last.”

President Trump knows this is a stupid plan. He knows his son-in-law is in everyone else’s pocket.

Peace in the Middle East – and the restoration of Palestine – are both inevitable.

President Trump will continue to do theatrics with the Zionists until they are such an obvious political liability within the USA that he is able to dump them. The Democratic candidates for the presidency are rejecting Zionist money and keeping Jewish voters – this is a message President Trump needs to hear more directly from every leader desiring Middle East peace.

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