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Alert Reader writes in:


Grandmother groupies is a very BIG DEAL.

I was the Board of Engineers-without-Boarders, my Prep buddy was founding chairman.  When I was getting started, I asked him “so what’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?”

EwB was ~ 700 global engineering schools, ~ 700 professional group members then. They did third world remote projects usually starting with 1) purifying water – through a series of plastic tubs filled with local sands, 2) pumping water through hoses – lots of kids spent their lives just porting water, 3) providing electricity and lights. Each school or professional group had projects going.

“Sean, we learned THE most important thing is to get the elder woman on board. When we did that, every project got completed. When we didn’t, nothing got finished. The elder woman run the show and will bitch the men to death if things don’t get done.”

I’ve seen the elder women thing in all manner of things. When Depok Chopra got started, 80% of his audience were older women. I know, I stood up and counted.  Elder women are so important that I was going to write Ben to tell the Planning Committee to get a focus on elder women.

I hope you cultivate this Grandmother Groupies thing; it’s got huge legs.

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