George Webb: The Stalinist Trial of Roger Stone — Lying Witnesses, Exculpatory Evidence Denied

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The flawed trial of Roger Stone (text summary below the fold):

Jerome Corsi an FBI informant?

Randy Credico lied to the court — George Webb has a video of Randy Credico saying he was the back channel to Wikipeaks. Evidence exists of Randy Credico saying “I played Roger Stone.”

Steve Bannon backstabbed Trump, was working with Rick Gates who defrauded Trump Campaign and stole money from Trump campaign, transition, and inauguration fund, got off by providing false testimony on secret Trump team and Russia ties.  Both Steve Bannon and Rick Gates appear to have lied to the Court.

Defense demand for new trial on three jurors lyiing on their cards is “bumpy road.” The correct defense is to challenge the lies and the exclusion of exculpatory evidence and cross-examination.

George Webb smashes the prosecutors in his conclusion.  Well done!

This needs to go public — please share.

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