Robert Steele: Retired Senior Intelligence Officer Calls for Purge

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As received in a direct email. I and Bill Binney and others agree.

From my foxhole, I only see obama holdovers, Never Trump and deep state scum operating the intelligence organizations.  This will not change until a massive house cleaning sweeps all these types away to the sewers whence they came.  This includes the military senior “leadership”.  The only chance of that happening is President Trump orders a massive firing of the “leadership”, careerists and deep state types.  A massive purge is needed.  I hope it happens.  Same goes for the cess pool at the CIA and FBI.  Then they can slash the grossly bloated, incompetent agency types. 

I see a massive RED TIDAL wave coming November there is a chance.  Time to simply tear all the agencies down and rebuild them into lean, mean, apolitical intelligence machines.  

The next Director of National Intelligence (DNI) has an opportunity to not only reduce the bloated ineffective Intelligence Community (IC) by up to 70%, with the savings being available for the Wall and Infrastructure and the new joint Labor-DoD Retraing Plan resurrected from the Reagan Administration, but to increase from 4% to 95% the availability of intelligence (decision-support) not just to the President, but to every Cabinet leader down to deputy assistant secretaries and branch chiefs.

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