Stephen E. Arnold: The Limits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

A Former Search Wizard Explains Why Artificial Intelligence May Be a Bit of a Challenge

Artificial intelligence is the next evolution of digital technology and experts predict we are going to rely on AI as much as the Internet. While AI is amazing, many projects built around AI fail to deliver the promised results. Louis Monier, the Chief Scientist at Node, one of the founders of Altavista, and headed Airbnb’s AI Lab, spoke with Forbes about his opinions on AI in the interview: “The Little-Acknowledged Truth About AI—According To The Founder Of Altavista,” DarkCyber wants to mention that Monier worked at the Google, which, for DarkCyber, is an important factoid.

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Robert Steele – Steve Arnold

ROBERT STEELE:  CIA built it’s first Artificial Intelligence Staff (OIT/AIS) around me in 1986, it was a phenomenal experience working with some top minds to create Project GEORGE (Smiley) for the clandestine operations world and Project TESS for the analysts. It cost CIA $3,000 to teach me the word “heuristics” which means “rules of thumb intuited by humans based on decades of experience no machine will ever get.” AI — and computers — are stupid. I talk about Artificial Stupidity.  AI works for repetitive simply stuff that is one or off, black or white, yes or no.  AI does not now and probably never will do nuances.* And as Brother Steve points out, AI needs to be trained on real data with real humans — training AI on 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the relevant data, using puppies who have never worked in the real world is not a a formula for success.

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Steele, Robert. “Augmented Intelligence with Human-Machine Integrity: Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance Integrating Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE),” in Daniel Araya. Augmented Intelligence: Smart Systems and the Future of Work and Learning. Bern, CH: Peter Lang Publishing., 2018.

Steele, Robert. “Foreword,” in Stephen E. Arnold, CyberOSINT: Next Generation Information Access, Harrods Creek, KY: Arnold Information Technology, 2015.

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* I am aware of the secret space program AI and the extraterrestrial AI that people like Kerry Cassidy and her whistleblowers speak of, my point stands in the here and now of Earth.

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