Worth a Look: The Collapse of 2020 by Kirkpatrick Sale

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In this short, powerful, and thoroughly documented book Kirkpatrick Sale, who has been on the cutting edge of American social commentary for fifty years, makes a compelling case for the dangers that this world faces now and the real possibility of the imminent collapse of civilization as we know it. It is a work that is a must-read for those who are prepared to figure out how to survive this coming catastrophe.

Kirkpatrick Sale is an independent scholar and the author of fourteen  books, including  Human Scale Revisited (Chelsea Green), and Rebels Against the Future: The Luddites and Their War on the Industrial Revolution (Addison Wesley) among others,  He  was a founder and officer of the E.F. Schumacher Society, and is a director of the Middlebury Institute (MiddleburyInstitute.org).

ROBERT STEELE: I am a huge fan of Kirkpatrick Sale, who not only focuses on Human Scale, but on the importance of the Constitution, state  rights, and human liberty. I beg to disagree with him on the coming collapse — his appraisal is correct within the past paradigm, but in my humble opinion, incorrect within the emergent paradigm of free energy, positive energy, and the reinstatement of bottom-up public free will over criminally-controlled top-down networks. He and I agree on the fundamentals: people matter and localization is central to sustainable development. Only time will tell if we collapse — or flourish — in 2020.  The greatest value of his work is to highlight all that could go wrong, that is going wrong, so as to ensure we address those ills as we Make America Great Again. #UNRIG. 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments of the Constitution. America First, People First. Authenticity, Inclusiveness,  Truthfulness. The 2nd American Revolution.


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