Review: OBLIVION – America At The Brink by Thomas Bearden

6 Star Top 10%, Asymmetric, Cyber, Hacking, Odd War
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6 Stars For Provocation & Graphics

The books of Thomas Bearden, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and also a PhD intelligence analyst assigned the Soviet escoteric weapons target in the 1970's and 1980's, were brought to my attention by John Petersen, founder of The Arlington Institute still today one of America's foremost futurist networks with DEEP knowledge of escoteric matters including weapons.

This book, one of his more recent first published in 2005, is unique because the bulk of the book is a very long briefing, two graphics per page, that he created for a single wealthy customer.

I have done my best to get through it, mindful that I am not a scientist and a wave for me will always be something you surf.  On balance I am deeply impressed and I find the material on the intersection of biology, earth sciences (including earthquakes and volcano eruptions causable by electromagnetics), and the entire electromagnetic spectrum which is vastly more complicated than I ever imagined, to be completely credible and certainly worthy of deep investment by both open and secret programs.

There are aspects of the book that do cause me to wonder if the author has been alarmist or mistaken.

01 He believes the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo in Japan to be agents of the Soviet Union (today Russia) and particularly very hard line elements that are opposed to President Vladimir Putin and dedicated to the destruction of the USA.

02 He believes that Israel and Israel alone has the capabilities to neutralize these scalar and energetics weapons all over the world, and that Israel has saved the USA on multiple occasions — and possibly without the knowledge of key US leaders.

I find both of these aspects implausible.  I am not, however, at all ready to discount the multiple works of this author because of my doubts on these two points.

There is enough here for me conclude, if I were the President, to demand a full briefing on what we have and what we know, and to drop at least $5 billion in new money against this area of inquiry. Indeed, if Measurements and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT) turns out to be doing this stuff instead of what I have long called “farts in a storm” intelligence, then color me embarrassed, because energetics and scalar are absolutely worthy of our best and brightest and every dollar we can afford to direct on  this topic.

Of all of Col Dr Bearden's books, this is the one I recommend for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities.

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