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The President is very, very, very angry. He now understands just how badly America the Beautiful has been wounded by the perfidy of the CDC, the failure of the CIA and NSC, and the continued evil intent of the Deep State of which Bill Gates is very much a central part.

I think he is going to lift the lockdown by 8 April, and urge all of us to atone for our sins on Good Friday/Passover, to worship God and pray for resurrection on Easter Sunday (12 April), and to get back to work and school and life on Monday 13 April.

Here is my economic recovery plan. This is what holistic analytics, true cost economics, and ETHICS can produce. The bill before Congress is crap.

01 Public Education. Invite Wayne Jett, author of Fruits of Graft, and Matt Taibbi, author of Griftopia, to brief the public from the White House on their books. My summary reviews are below, following by my lists of other review groups that focus on the total absolute corruption of Wall Street. I mourn the passing of William Grieder and John Bogle, whose books on The Soul of Capitalism are also worthy of immediate public study.

02 Nationalize the Federal Reserve Leave Debt with the Private Banks.

Wayne Jetts: Federal Reserve is America’s Largest Debtor – President Donald Trump Should Hold Them Accountable (Nationize the Fed but Do NOT Nationalize their Debt)

Wayne Jett: One Fed Two Debts — US Owes Fed and the Fed Owes Us — GOOD NEWS AMERICA!

Ellen Brown: Fed’s Dramatic About-Face [Robert Steele: Nationalize the Fed, Announce a $3 Trillion Domestic Debt Jubilee, & Carry On…]

Rand Clifford: The Federal Reserve Caused the Great Depression

03 Stop Bail-Outs. 70% of all lost wealth is mostly digital and mostly criminally acquired.  Do not bail out the banks.  Just don't do it. Under no circumstances should banks be allowed to buy assets at depreciated prices — they have collaborated in creating this Fake Depressions, let them burn.

04 Asset-Backed Dollar. Lincoln and Kennedy were both assassinated for planning to create a debt-free sovereign currency.  This is serious business.  You have a plan, give Judy Shelton all the room she needs to make it happen.

Judy Shelton to Fed, Asset-Backed Currency on 4th of July, and More….

SPECIAL: Judy Shelton Rocks – Recent Interview

Robert Steele: Judy Shelton Is Right — Gold-Backed Currencies Now!

Zero Hedge: Judy Shelton (Sound Money Gold Advocate) to Federal Reserve? Robert Steele: Global Currency Reset This Week & Next?

Robert Steele: Meet Judy Shelton, Trump Advisor on Gold-Backed Dollar UPDATE 1: Trump On the Record / Global Currency Reset

05 Buy Equity / Use Social Security Trust as Sovereign Wealth Fund. No bail-outs period. Selected national corporations as well as new corporoations needed to rapidly re-establish national self-sufficiency should be offered funds for equity. If they refuse (Boeing, for example) let them fail. Put the equities into the Social Security Trust and manage that as a Sovereign Wealth Fund.  The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) appears to be a good model.

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

06 Cancel Coronavirus Bill, It Is A LOSER. Declare a National Debt Jubilee. Almost everything in the Coronavirus Bill is some mix of criminal, unconstitutional, and plain stupid. Don't do it. Instread, declare a national debt jubillee and announce a moratorium on all rents and mortgage payments. Focus on student loans, elderly medical debt, and small business debt.

07 Declare Income Tax Unconstitutional, Institute the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax  Instead.  Income tax should be phased out as quickly as possible, and the APT tax substituted. The below graphic tells you everything you need to know.

There are four other things you can do to assure the rapid recovery of America the Beautiful and in passing assure your legacy as the Greatest President Ever.

01 Retire Mike Pence and name Dr. Cynthia McKinney as Vice President. Or bring her in as a Deputy Vice President or in charge of #UNRIG Outreach.

Cynthia McKinney

02 Direct the Secretary of Defense to fully fund the Open Source Agency, put Mike Flynn in charge of it, and never again be without proper intelligence.

Mike Flynn

03 Implement the below floor plan in  two parts, the first funded by the Open Source Agency, the second by the elimination of  the National Security Council. It's time you had three Deputy Vice Presidents. I am informed that Dennis Kucinich would serve if you invited him to serve.

04 #UNRIG Election Reform Act — Mother of All Landslides.

Net net: mother of all landslides, America Great Again, you are the rock.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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