The Atlantic Monthly: President Trump Is Winning — It Is The End of the World, The End of Civilization, The End of the Lootfest? John Petersen & Robert Steele Discuss on Video

Cultural Intelligence

The President Is Winning His War on American Institutions

How Trump is destroying the civil service and bending the government to his will

Phi Beta Iota: A total load of crap. Yes, the President is winning.  Against the Deep State and its entrenched Shadow Government of traitors and thieves. The sanctimonious hypocritical ignorance of this author is typical of the media servants of the Deep State. Below is a short video duet discussing the article.

ROBERT STEELE: My quick notes.  Was not worth a more detailed critique. What is good about this article is that it helped John and I articulate the need for a “good purge.”

James Baker and he anointed – actually traitors, not public servants?

  1. Erica Newland, Jewish American Princess we’re not Nazis

has a problem with M-13 animals and travel ban, never mind genocide of Palestinians, 9/11, Epstein, and wrecking of the US economy by the Zionist MEGA group started by Brofman and Wexner, both of whom probably fund The Atlantic – and never mind Licensed to Lie, The Divide, and Griftopia

  1. Cashing in has the corruption part right, but confuses Trump with being an infection rather than a cure. It does credit Trump with understanding that the larger public sees Washington (and New York) as a rigged system

3, Andrew McCabe – arguably a traitor who should be indicted, this article is a whitewash that defames the President and covers up all of McCabe’s misdeeds  — the author outright lies about the Russian witchhunt and the impeachment trial being legitimate, without mention to the role of alleged traitor John Brennan and the complete fabrication of the Russian witchhunt, followed up by CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella who I think should be sued for defamation.

  1. Independent law enforcement – no discussion of how judges, prosecutors, and chief of police across the country are being bribed and blackmailed by the national security state in league with foreign actors. Has a problem with Barr having values and considering secularists to be without values. Completely misreads the situation as Trump and Barr against being restrained when they are in fact seeking to restrain an out of control government that is in constant betrayal of the public trust.
  2. Focus on State is completely hypocritical, pretending that Trump has politicized it when it fact it has always been not only politicized, but controlled by the Zionists and the military-industrial complex, validating endless wars, state-sponsored terrorism, consorting with dictators, and the legitimization of genocide and other atrocities including trade in women and children. Ignores the FACT that Ambassadors are the personal representatives of the President and serve at the pleasure of the President.

Pontificates on moral courage.  Where is the moral courage in failing to confront Vice President Biden and Obama and Clinton on their looting of all the aid that was sent to the Ukraine and then kicked back, on Clinton selling Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia, Libya to the French, and Uranium One to the  Russians?

Ends with a whine.  1,000 officials have resigned out of 2 million not enough.  We need to purge another 3000 to 5000 and over time cut the entire federal workforce and budget by at least 25% and then toward 40%.

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