Review: Mary Magdalene Revealed – The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven’t Tried Yet by Meggan Watterson

6 Star Top 10%, Consciousness & Social IQ, Religion & Politics of Religion
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Six Stars — Christianity as It Should Be, Rooted in Love, Respecting the Feminine, Self as Jesus

This is one of those books that changes everything.  If it were to be appreciated world-wide the Vatican and the Catholic Church in its present form would be burned at the stake, and from the ashes a new church formed in which women have equal if not greater voice.

The bottom line is that ego is power over, while love is power with — love is without beginning or end, without limit.

Below are my notes.

Mary Magdalene is Mary the companion to Jesus (and First Apostle) not his mother, Mary of Nazareth.

1st Power of Ego: Darkness

  • Notice the unnoticed Earth
  • Heart within is the Altar
  • Mary is the Lord, the Heart within
  • Union of Christ & Mary under-appreciated

2nd Power of Ego: Craving

  • Power is inherent in women
  • They are equal to and should not be dependent on men
  • Go against expectations, baptize yourself

QUOTE (44): When Christ says, “Acquire my peace within yourselves,” in the Gospel of Mary, I hear this as a directive to focus not on worshipping him but on becoming like him.

  • Bible is a mandated narrative that excludes women and key gospels
  • Council of Nicea assassinated women, excluded women, defamed women

QUOTE (47): If we hadn't silenced women and asked them to leave the altar from the start, I wonder what the world would be like now.

We are a body, a mind, a heart, a soul with active imagination

You have to ask, envision, state intention

3rd Power of Ego: Ignorance

  • Death is existing elsewhere
  • Love is the start not the end
  • Gospel of Mary validates women and overturns centuries of patriarchy
  • God the Good is not God the “Father”
  • There is no such thing as sin.
  • Integration & unity matter — must integrate and unite early and always
  • Humans are a bridge between the material and the spiritual
  • Souls are not sexed
  • Man is ration, linear; women are cyclical, beyond rational
  • Church has sought to destroy the Christ WITHIN each person
  • Church teaches dogma, external idolization instead of internal transformation

QUOTE (79): Salvation is waking up, become even more alive.

  • Connect with the divine by bringing consciousness into one's heart

PAGES 102-103: Most extraordinary articulation of the process and pain of childbirth — a truly unique rendition that alone makes the book priceless.

QUOTE (110): . . . truth is a phoenix, and can never be burned; truth will always emerge from the ashes and find its way to the surface of our consciousness.

  • Could Christ have needed Mary's love to resurrect?
  • Is love both human and divine?
  • Fear and ego bind, love and soul liberate
  • Humanity is meant to move the divine story forward
  • What is excluded in excluding women is the legacy and potential of love

4th Power of Ego: Craving for Death

To walk with me is to walk as me.

5th Power of Ego: Enslavement to Physical Body

  • Give for the sake of giving — 10,000 fold return on investment
  • Mercy returns us to the heart
  • Druids nurtured Mary for her last 30 years, two serious caves
  • Rest in silence; love is a bridge

6th Power of Ego: False Peace of the Flesh

  • You can always begin again
  • There is no hierarchy in the spiritual world
  • Imbalance of power between men and women is a barrier
  • Men – ego – unbalanced = un-unified
  • Love has already won even if you are not seeing it or feeling it

7th Power of Ego: Compulsion of Race

  • Oil annointment is transition from human to divine
  • Soul is forevere
  • Ego is power OVER; love is power WITH
  • Complete is a better goal than perfect
  • Love is without limit; no beginning, no end.

I put this book down with three strong feelings:

CONFIRMED:  It is time to put women back in charge (from the earliest days of Mother Earth and matriarchy as the organizing principle.

CONFIRMED: Paternal churches with dogma are  the enemy of Christ and divinity and have no claim on being divine intermediaries. You do not need a priest to be baptized or to be one with Christ or divinity.

CONFIRMED: We are at the beginning of a new era that may have begun in 2012, a 1,000 years of peace and prosperity in which compassion and  truth and reconciliation will be decisive across all boundaries, and women will be central to our progress from today onwards.

The first book to inspire me along these lines is below:

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I have no doubt that our future is now in the hands of the divine feminine.

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