Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Recommends This Book: Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic

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These are the elements of Fauci’s scientific Ponzi scheme:

  1. Nosological fraud. (That’s the branch of medicine dealing with the classification of disease. It is ground zero for public health fraud.)
  2. Epidemiological fraud.
  3. Virological fraud.
  4. Treatment fraud. (Treatments that harm more than they heal or conceal more than they reveal.)
  5. Public health policy fraud.
  6. Concealment of negative scientific data and paradigm-challenging anomalies.
  7. Use of an elite network of “old boys” and pseudo-activist provocateurs to censor critics and whistleblowers.
  8. Chronic obscurantism.
  9. If necessary, vigilantism and witch-hunts against any intellectuals, scientists, or citizens who constitute any form of resistance to the Ponzi scheme.

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