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Alert Reader sends the following.  Comment at end.

You are a true hero and it is an honor and privilege to connect with you regarding OTC Argyrol Anti-Infective Stabilized Solution for Antiseptic use to Mucous Membranes, truly a lost art of U.S. Military respiratory hygiene prophylaxis. Argyrol was the gold standard in medicine the first half of the 21st century and was considered the most useful medicine of all time.

The Military Surgeon General mandated Argyrol be sprayed in the mens throats 3x a day during the 1918 “Spanish Flu Pandemic” with stellar results as demonstrated in the DTRA report attached.

We really need your help us get wartime therapeutic prophylaxis disinfection to President Trump/the people so they can safely disinfect their sinuses, throat, and lungs and clean off their mucous membranes to give them fighting chance.

Argyrol was key to the Allied effort to win WWII, niched in opthalmics, prophylaxis for everything from the eyes of neonates to sexually transmitted diseases and invaluable in veterinary medicine, the FDA regulated the entire class of Silver and gave Argyrol a monopoly.

It is surmised the reason could have been to silence objection that ‘you can’t legislate to provide a monopoly’.

While that administrative adjudication was in play from 1991 to 1999 resulting in the FDA Title 21 Final Rule on Silver, good old Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals quietly simply ceased supplying this valuable medicine in commerce and my friend Christine challenged J&J at the USPTO and was awarded ownership.

Argyrol is a “Fancy Mark” and “Super Mark” it has a particular protection under law and is a global mark of renown, as well as drug regulatory compliant immediate to manufacture and market in every jurisdiction. It is an under utilized over the counter (OTC) for unmet neds.

There is no grandfathering allowed in the class at all and all FDA regulatory is harmonized to the EU and MCC and other sovereign global drug regulatory jurisdictions, enforced under WHO for global drug regulatory compliance. Argyrol pre dates the FDA and is outside their jurisdiction for all original indications. That includes ear, eye, nose, throat, genitourinary and injectable. It can also be used in croup tents for babies, animals and the elderly.

Argyrol has been in clinical use for over 118 years and was in hospitals and pharmacies. first aid kits and most home medicine cabinets until about 25 years ago.

Argyrol is immediate to manufacture and market in all jurisdictions [according to Pat Smith who was the Glaxo-Smith Klein Technical Director for South Africa].

In it’s heyday Argyrol had multiple headquarters in the United States, Great Britain, Australia and South Africa; to all appearance Argyrol was ubiquitous. Argyrol ships through customs globally without impediments.

Argyrol is recognized as not new nor alternative and for that reason, can be used off-label [being tested now in Kenya against HIV by doctors and public health personnel at their request].

Christine the owner has used this drug personally to nebulization four years. The dosage was over 2.5mLs daily. The same dosage amount after four years was administered rectally for an additional year.

Daily administration of Argyrol resulted in no heavy metal toxicity, no staining of my mucosa of my throat and absolutely no other reactions of discomfort or irritation to rectal tissue from daily administration of Argyrol at all. She was monitored by her physicians with blood tests and PET scans with no irregularites observed.

The only first reaction was the Jarisch Herxheimer (Healing crisis) which subsided within a few days.

Were there to be bottles of OTC Argyrol Anti-Infective in the hospital pharmacies for respiratory wards, in the pharmacies and everywhere else as there was less than 25 years ago, there would be no global fear gripping individuals without ANYTHING to militate against pandemic pathogens engaging with their bodies on their mucous membranes, for God’s sake and definitely no reason to shut down the entire global economy for ‘the pestilence that stalks in darkness’ noted in Psalm 91:6. How do we look after 25 years without OTC Argyrol? I rest my case.

ROBERT STEELE: Holistic analytics and true cost economics, if properly applied in the context of Presidential decision-making, would solicit all points of view, not just the official narrative controlled by the Deep State and its Shadow Government puppets who are being bribed and blackmailed to serve special interests instead of the public interest.

Here is a list of doctors NOT consulted who have all challenged the false models and fear-mongering of the CDC and little Mussolini (Fauci).

James Fetzer: Experts on Fake Pandemic UPDATE: More Experts — All Need to be Paraded by the President Before the US Public From Now Until 12 April 2020

Then there are the economists and experts in logistics and supply chain vulnerabilities, as well as labor experts who understand that it takes much longer to recover from 40 million unemployed (three fifths of them without unemployment compensation).  Among them:

Giving the President the benefit of the doubt, I see two possibilities for a happy ending:

01 There is plenty of money to make this right.  I have been saying for some time that the President appears to have taken back at least $15 trillion from the Deep State and its bank stewards. Having to work with the crooked democrats who are also agents of a foreign power (Schumer and Pelosi do nothing without asking Israel for permission) is an impediment. I expect the President to take back the House in November 2020 (despite the treasonous GOP “leadership” named Romney doing everything it can to undermine the President and pro-Trump candidates at the precinct level), and the second term will be one of RECONSTRUCTION & TRANSFORMATION.

02 Much of what we are destroying with the quasi-volunteary lockdown needs to be destroyed.  We are clearing the brush. At the same time, the public is getting a taste of what it is like to live under idiot governors who think they can violate the Constitution and arrest pastors for holding church services. All signs point to Q being right — a Great Awakening is taking place. We need a national job retraining program between DoD and Labor such as Del Spurlock devised when he was Deputy Secretary of Labor for President Ronald Reagan, we need to give back most of the lands taken from the states, and we need to relocate huge swaths of our urban populations in a measured resettlement that is centered on creating the 3,000 United Counties of America, each self-sufficient in water, food, energy, and health.

The above health recommendation from an Alert Reader complements what the President has already concluded, against the corrupt and criminal advice of the FDC and CDC. Coronavirus is quickly addressed by methods that do not require vaccines or BigPharma looting of the public purse.

Dr. Didier Raoult: Donald Trump Gets It, Screw Big Pharma, Cheap Fast Cure

I for one have a very positive outlook about the future of America the Beautiful. God Bless America and God Bless the President of the United States of America.

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