Robert Steele: Memo for POTUS – The Resurrection of the USA – Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic

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All indicators (“proofs”) suggest that Donald J. Trump is on track to implement NESARA / GESARA and restore a Constitutional Republic.

This publication, dedicated to President Donald J. Trump, is primarily an orientation for the public on key issues that are probably already planned for by the President, but just in case, this is one citizen's wish list for getting it just right.

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Preface – Constitutional Purpose Is the Health and Wealth of the 99% – the Public
Election 2020
01 The biggest carrot you have is #UNRIG – electoral reform
02 Dr. Cynthia McKinney wants to be part of your team
Holistic Analytics and True Cost Economics
01 Cut the secret intelligence community by up to 70%.
02 Create an Open Source Agency (OSA)
White House Restructuring
01 Appoint three Deputy Vice-Presidents
02 Create a Grand Strategy Staff
03 Clear Press Area for Trump Studio & Command Center.
Jobs, Rent, & Groceries
01 Announce a hard date for re-opening
02 Get 5G Radiation Sickness, and CoVFeVe, on the Table
03 Close our bases overseas, restructure DoD
04 Implement the Ronald Reagan DoD-Labor Retaining Plan
Land, Food, Water, Energy
01 End most federal ownership of state lands, and absentee ownership of land
02 Rebuild the foodshed
03 Water
04 Energy
01 Restore civics, physical training, art, & music.
02 Re-center education on learning to think and create
03 Purge the universities, fund the universities
04 Create a Smart Nation by integrating education, intelligence, and research
01 Reconnect ends, ways, and means
02 End the income tax, implement bottom-up transaction tax
03 Debt jubilee – students, elderly, small business.
04 Congress shall make no law – nor should the bureaucracy.
05 Instead of regulation, education: true cost economics.
Ascension Christianity, an American Gospel: Christian Collectivism?
APPENDIX A: The Paradigms of Failure
APPENDIX B: Pre-Conditions of Revolution in the USA Today
APPENDIX C: Legitimate Grievances Domestic & Foreign
APPENDIX D: Overview of Competing Political Positions on Core Policy Issues

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