Robert Steele: The Movie – Worst Case Deep State Wins — Best Case Trump Triumphs

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader sends in this satire:

The Fauci Fake-Phony-Fraud Pandemic produced by CDC Entertainment Productions and brought to audiences across the globe by Main Stream Media.

Screenplay by Lock-Down Bill Gates


  • Nasty Pelosi – never lets a false crisis go to waste, agent of a foreign power
  • Chucky Cheat Schumer – the story teller and agent of a foreign power
  • Andy “Con” Cuomo and his brother Freddo – dreaming of  a white house for the family
  • Shrilly Murphy – the Drumthwacket sidekick of his dreaming neighbors
  • Fake-Phony-Fraud Fauci – the mad scientist who wants to destroy a $20 trillion economy — how much has he been paid to do this?
  • Wrong Way Kushner – a day late, and trillions short in solving the crisis
  • Donald J. Trump – the patsy target to be led astray, bambozzled and hoodwinked — or could he be a “transformer” and God's instrument?

Affordable Admission for the General Public – lost businesses, lost jobs and lost pensions.

Free Door Prize given away after the end of the show:  a “vaccine-to-die-for” – you will the envy of the dupes of all the world

Uncle Vlad can't believe the science fiction he is watching – just like fresh horse radish, not very palable, but hard to ignore. [Spoiler Alert: Vlad and The Donald could be in cahoots.]

ROBERT STEELE: The worst case is a collapse of the USA into anarchy, with WHITE riots with arson and the execution of anyone perceived to be part of “the establishment.” Although the President is flirting with suicides, allowing people to be infected by contaminated testing, and tolerating the imminent loss of work by 40 million (along with rental and mortgage defaults and food supply collapses), on balance I believe he has enough money clawed back from the banks, and a disciplined military, sufficient to triumph at home with logistics.

Best case is MOST INTERESTING. Start with Sylvain LaForest's utterly brilliant analysis in Oriental Review, “Putin And Trump vs The New World Order: The Final Battle.”

Now add  the emerging ACTIVIST LEFT rejection of the ESTABLISHMENT LEFT, as suggested by the headlines below.

And finish up with what Q has been saying for over a year and now appears to be materializing: the complete exposure of the elite for pedophilia, child torture and murder, and atrocities including blood drinking and fetus and organ consumption in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) — no extra charge for Weiner's laptop contents going public one night.

#SavetheChildren equals #EndtheDeepState.

The ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse Commemorative Book and Web Portal featuring the videos from the event are now LIVE!

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry Commemorative Publication  

Official Web Portal Video Testimonies

and the epic book, free online:

Amazon Series

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State

by Joachim Hagopian art by Nora Maccoby


SHORT URL FOR Amazon Kindles:

Add the termination of all income taxes and the Ronald Reagan national job security and retraining program (with full salaries while training) and the Nicholas Nassim Taleb Anti-Fragile localization and food, water, energy self-sufficiency program with a strong dab of Ascension Christianity and Christian Collectivism…

Martin Armstrong: Mr. President, Please End Income Tax…

Martin Armstrong: The Unconstitutionality of the Income Tax the Supreme Court Ignores

Reagan Era Labor Resurrection Plan

Review: ANTIFRAGILE – Things That Gain From Disorder

Yoda: Ascension Christianity — Next Big Thing?

Robert Steele: Christian Collectivism, Anti-Fragile Localization — A Second American Revolution?

Throw in #UNRIG election reform, a restructuring of the White House including the dismissal of Pence and Kushner, and capture of 65% or more of the black vote with the help of Dr. Cynthia McKinney & Dr. Randy Short, and you have a whole new America — America 2.0.

Randy Short & Robert Steele: 12 Pardons = Black Male Vote [Comment by Cynthia McKinney]

Randy Short: Promotions and Pardons Healing of the Black Community for President Donald Trump’s Consideration

Donald J. Trump: Should I Pardon the Black Panthers & Native American Leaders — Our Political Prisoners?

NOTE: There is still a major threat of a real pandemic with bio-engineered lethality triggered by 5G.  This is not over by a long-shot. The same actors that created this fake pandemic need to be individually confronted and controlled to preclude a real pandemic in August 2020.

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