Berto Jongman: European SIGINT Maximator (5 + Israel) Overview

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Maximator: European signals intelligence cooperation, from a Dutch perspective

This article is first to report on the secret European five-partner sigint alliance Maximator that started in the late 1970s. It discloses the name Maximator and provides documentary evidence. The five members of this European alliance are Denmark Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and France. The cooperation involves both signals analysis and crypto analysis. The Maximator alliance has remained secret for almost fifty years, in contrast to its Anglo-Saxon Five-Eyes counterpart. The existence of this European sigint alliance gives a novel perspective on western sigint collaborations in the late twentieth century.

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Phi Beta Iota: On closer reading it appears that Israel is a silent partner in this alliance.  The role of the alliances — and the CIA compromise of Crypto AG as used by the Argentinians — in helping the UK win a far away skirmish — is noteworthy.

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