Robert Steele: General Michael Flynn Exonerated — No Pardon Needed — Covington Should Be Sued for $3.5M Full Reimbursement and DoJ Should Indict All DoJ and FBI Traitors Starting with Joe Pientka

Ethics, Government

Breaking: Flynn Case Dropped by Justice Department

Breaking: Mueller Thug Attorney Brandon Van Grack Resigns From Flynn Case, Other Govt Cases After Bombshell Documents Reveal He Hid Brady Material

President Donald Trump: “I Hope a Lot of People Pay a Big Price – Because They Are Crooked, Dishonest People!”

Covington — and Eric Holder — are clearly co-conspirators who should at a minimum be forced to return the $3.5M stolen from General Mike Flynn, and ideally be sanctioned for malicious misrepresentation.

Joe Pientka should be added to the indictment list that should include Lynch, Yates, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Baker, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, and Rice. Obama can be dealt with in other ways.

BREAKING: Indictments Coming — List

Mongoose: Deep State Law Firm Covington and Burling Refuses Court Order to Turn Over Records of Eric Holder Relevant to Their Betrayal of General Mike Flynn . . .

#UNRIG Video (5:46) Connecting Dots: QAnon, Covert Games Messaging, Covington & Burling Betrayed General Mike Flynn

Should Covington & Burling Get a Porcupine Enema and Anthony, Chertoff, Holder, Kelner, and Smith Lose Their Law Licenses For Betraying General Michael Flynn?

Sara Carter: Flynn’s Defense Files Motion Saying His Former Legal Team ‘Betrayed Him’

Robert Steele: DoJ Begins Process of Exonerating Mike Flynn?

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