Robert Steele: “I Told You So” in 2002 — Public Health and Data Integrity Vulnerabilities. No One Wanted to Listen. They Still Don’t Want to Listen! Mike Flynn for DNI/DCI!

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Since ghost-writing “Global Intelligence Challenges in the 1990’s” for then Commandant of the US Marine Corps General Al Gray, I have been on a mission from God: to restore intelligence, integrity, and imagination to the incredibly dishonest and unprofessional US Intelligence Community (IC).

In 2002 I published the below graphic in my  second book ( The New Craft of Intelligence: Personal, Public, & Political–Citizen’s Action Handbook for Fighting Terrorism, Genocide, Disease, Toxic Bombs, & Corruption), honored by a Foreword from Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), then Chairman of the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence (SSCI).

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I take no pleasure in being right decades ahead of everyone else.  It is my hope that now that General Mike Flynn has been exonerated (note to the morons at Fox: this means he does not need a pardon), the President will see that there is no one more qualified — nor more loyal and better suited — to be the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) double-hatted as the restored Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), with a mandate to terminate the DNI job after first reducing every secret agency by up to 70% and consolidating the surviving bits as new Directorates within the restored CIA.  The savings can go to creating an Open Source Agency (OSA) and a new nationalized Web 3.0 that does not censor individuals nor manipulate information as do the elements of #GoogleGestapo today).

Bill Binney should be put back at NSA with a staff of one hundred, and be a direct report to General Flynn, carrying out data harvesting tasks for the President, beginning with a full mapping of all traitors, elite pedophiles, and Wall Street naked short sellers by name.

Bill is worth 100 divisions to the President. Mike Pompeo, that worthless Zionist sympathizer, betrayed the President when he  talked to Binney and then failed to report back to the President on what Bill told him needed to be done.

We need a purge at CIA and we need a purge at State.

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Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next.

Asked at a Hewlett Foundation conference last year about what the nation’s next failure of imagination would be, former top Pentagon official Eric Rosenbach had a simple answer: An attack on the public confidence in key institutions.

If the 2016 election was the story of our democracy being blindsided by misinformation, disinformation and hack-and-dump cyberattacks, cyber experts are warning that the next new threat online will almost certainly involve attempts by adversaries to manipulate or delete data or otherwise raise public doubts about whether reported reality is real reality.

Read full report.

Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman for the above article I would not have noticed.

ROBERT STEELE:  For Sue Gordon of the IC to pontificate on truth and trust makes me want to puke.  She doesn’t have a fucking clue what truth and trust really mean — the IC does not do holistic analytics or true cost economics and they provide less than 4% of what the President needs while more often than not also lying to the President and ignoring Zionist traitors and insider trading, elite pedophiles, and both white and black collar crime, e.g. naked short selling and trafficking in drugs and women and children. The US IC sucks. It is dishonest and unprofessional.  Time to change that.

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