Robert Steele: Open Letter to Martin Armstrong

Civil Society, Ethics

Dear Mr. Armstrong:

Can I help you integrate a slice on naked short selling and money laundering into your next conference? Is there any way I can get you to shine a light on this now that we finally have a President who could harvest the NSA database and force an audit of DTCC at the same time?

We could use your help. The latest video has gone to the Trump boys. Next week a video goes to Trump from a very senior person in the City of London. I am particularly interested in two things from you:

01 How do we confiscate $100 trillion in assets procured with illicit wealth without wrecking the capital market process?

02 Can you persuasively document for the President the fact as I believe it to be, that removing financial fraud from Wall Street will cause the market to explode in a sustainable constructive fashion?

My national intelligence estimate for the President, LICENSED TO STEAL: Stop the Naked Short Selling of America, will be in his hands on or about 22 June. We are trying for a tough on Wall Street sentence in his 4th of July speech.

Your patriotic and intellectual and moral assistance is invited.

Robert David Steele

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