Stephen E. Arnold: Zoom to the Oracle — Robert Steele: Zoom Under Attack by Google Dirty Tricks and Naked Short Selling?

Commercial Intelligence
Stephen E. Arnold

Zoom to the Oracle

One Dolphin Way is flipping with excitement. DarkCyber spotted “Oracle Wins Cloud Computing Deal with Zoom as Video Calls Surge.” From the truthy real news outfit DarkCyber learned:

Zoom and Oracle did not disclose the size of the deal, but said traffic for “millions” of meeting participants is being handled by Oracle’

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ROBERT STEELE: I believe that Zoom is under attack on two fronts: from Google “dirty tricks” seeking to undermine it as they revive their failed Hangouts, and from Naked Short Selling which is a very big crime.

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Our Mission: To Put Naked Short Sellers — and US Government Officials That Help Them — Into Jail

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