Video (Series): The History of the Deep State — Bloodlines, Jesuits, Bankers, and More . . .

Cultural Intelligence


18 additional parts below — series killed by the Deep State

Bloodlines: 15: Summary: There are 2 Popes: white (open) and black (hidden, Jesuit). Now both are Jesuit (both Latin American now). Jesuit means Magi, astrologer. Use words to deceive us. Jesuit takeover of Judaism. They infiltrate and corrupt systems. Change history. Sadducees (Torah) – Pharisees (Talmud). Protestants. All groups infiltrated, corrupted. Truth is in Word, Bible for those who have eyes to see. Catholics use confession and every form of spying to control. Jesuits took over Judaism. Promote tolerance (for their own actions). Jesuits kicked out of 39 countries once exposed. Just stand up and say NO to them. They are masters of deception and seek to control all education, media. All under Black Pope, superior general. Amercia is military power arm. Nuclear scheme, NASA. Pedophilia, rituals. Black Pope controls banking, legal systems and every international intelligence agency in world and Knights of Malta. Jesuit oath. Abide by rules outlined in “Protocols of Elders of Zion.” Educate yourself, stand up, say NO.

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