Yoda: Grassroots Solutions from Alert Reader

Earth Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

The reason I’m writing you is after listening to your interview with James McCanney I thought there are some grassroots solutions that I’ve been following for several years now that may be of interest to you!

Links and three embedded videos below the fold.  EPIC!

The first being Michael Reynolds the man behind what is known as the Earthship, why build a home you have to sustain instead why not build a home that will sustain you!

he second Mike Strizki who started the first Hydrogen House 16 years ago in Hopewell NJ,USA, a home totally off grid powered by hydrogen made from sun, wind and geothermal!

The third the Urban Farm Guys who revitalized a forgotten Neighborhood known as Lykins in Kansas city!

UFG Urban Farm Guys website!


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