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As The World Burns

Personal safety & security are quickly becoming more important in this era of growing social rage

by Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity

ROBERT STEELE: Brother Martenson is half right. What he is missing is that the riots are contrived by the Deep State, and condemned by all authentic black leaders.  We are indeed boiling over, but the flashpoints are first, as he identifies, the grotesque injustice of a rigged system in which the 1% own 99% of everything; and second, everyone is missing this, the VALUES disparity between the 60% or so of straight, family-oriented, community-oriented Americans, and a melange of criminals, perverts, and psychotics so dumbed down they could easily qualify for permanent residency in an insane asylum. It is within President Donald Trump’s power to make all this right, he simply lacks two kinds of leaders: authentic black and white leaders in touch with their communities, now accessed by Trump via a cold, heartless, uncaring digital survey system that ignores 80% of the voters; and intelligence and counterintelligence leaders who can provide the President and all key officers across all policy domains with 96% instead of 4% of what they need to know.

Below are my personal best three efforts to help the President.

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Robert Steele: Memo for POTUS – The Resurrection of the USA – Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic

All indicators (“proofs” suggest that Donald J. Trump is on track to implement NESARA/GESARA and restore a Constitutional Republic. This publication, dedicated to President Donald J. Trump, is primarily an orientation for the public on key issues that are probably already planned for by the President, but just in case, this is one citizen’s wish list for getting it just right.

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