Robert Steele: Is the GOP Stabbing the President in the Back?

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‘We’re thinking landslide’: Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to think Romney & GOP are stabbing the President in the back.  This strikes me as a passive-aggressive posture intended to keep a lot of people home. It is absolutely irresponsible for any GOP official at any level to be saying this, even if the belief is earnestly held, which I do not think is  the case.

I totally agree that Biden and any female VP are losers to begin with; I note that the DNC is on record as saying they want Trump to win because they make more money with him as President (and the Deep State is more willing to fund terrorist and seditionist groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), their secret police “controller” and grass roots organizer along with the Mossad).

I agree that perhaps 40% of the public is tired of the bullshit and am waiting for the President to tweet out: “If you want to cower in fear and wear masks for the rest of your life, vote for a Democrat.”

HOWEVER, if the President does not reconcile with authentic black leaders; take $100 trillion back from Wall Street criminals to fund the Mother of All Recoveries; and enact #UNRIG Electoral Reform Act before Election Day, then in my view the election remains a toss-up subject to election fraud and it will not be a landslide, indeed the results will be contested for four years and the Senate may well flip back to the Democrats who only need to remove four Senators to gain control.

Dan Schultz, a lawyer and the single greatest supporter of President Trump who also understands the perfidy of the GOP under Romney, has documented, beyond dispute, that the GOP leadership at the state and local levels is NOT “pro-Trump” and furthermore, they have been ordered to BLOCK  Trump loyalists from occupying any of the precinct seats that are 50% vacant across the country.  In my view the GOP “leadership” is part of a  Republican crime family still led by Dick Cheney, that is working hand in hand with the DNC crime family, to assure “continuity of government” (COG) which is secret code for keeping the Deep State in power via the Shadow Government, and neutralizing President Donald J. Trum.   Dick Cheney (like Jared Kushner) is “owned” by Israel and there is no question in my mind but that Dick Cheney and Chuck Schumer consider themselves to be allies in placing Israel — and profits for the 1% — First.

Apart from blacks, Wall Street, and #UNRIG, the President needs to consider some personnel changes — Jared Kushner out of the White House, Romney out of the GOP, Pompeo and Esper out at State and Defense, Mike Flynn to become the restored Director of Central Intelligence, FBI to be split in two, Bill Binney to NSA as the President’s personal data harvester, and more.

The fat lady (Stacey Abrams) has not yet sung (when she does it will be a eunuch falsetto). Declarations of victory by the GOP apparatchiks are both stupid and premature….they are also disloyal to the President and to every patriot that believes we are in a fight for the future of the Republic.


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