Robert Steele: Time for Pence to Go? Will Trump Campaign Implode? Or Can Trump Triumph All Ways?

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Time for Pence to jump ship?

“Brad Really S–t the Bed Saturday Night”: After Tulsa Catastrophe, Parscale—And Kushner—Is at the Top of Trump’s Hit List

I have been calling for the dismissal of Pence for a long time. Replacing him with Nikki Haley would be a catastrophic mistake. Dr. Cynthia McKinney remains the only one who can bring tens of millions of voters with her, contingent on the President agreeing to pardons, substantive policy, and especially #UNRIG election reform so as to open Congress to the 70% now denied ballot access.

On the second item, I believe it would  be a mistake to fire Brad Parscale. Most of his code is not documented and it is not possible to replace him in time. He is as much a victim of campaign mis-management by Jared Kushner as is the President. However, appointing either David Bossie or Cory Lewandowsky, both severely compromised and far beyond their level of competence, would also be a mistake.

There are solutions.  I will discuss  a few in my forthcoming private video, SPY IMPROV: Ask Me Anything, accessible by subscription to The Steele Report.

Here are two cartoons I have funded that tell part of the story as we try to get the President to see that there are four moves he must make, ideally prior to his 4th of July speech.


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