Stephen E. Arnold: Knowledge Management Floundering

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Stephen E. Arnold

Knowledge Management: Still Floundering? Absolutely

I spotted this knowledge management write up: “How to Hold on to Critical Knowledge When Employees Leave.” The recommendations on the surface seem like common sense. However, there are a couple of typical knowledge management oddities.

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ROBERT STEELE: Both the US Government and commercial industry generally process 1% of the data they capture, and they capture 1%, at best, of the relevant data — and almost none of the data that is analog, in a foreign language. We are RETARDED. Below is an old chart of mine. We are still in Quadrant I with toe in Quadrant II. The US Intelligence Community and the US Cabinet are RETARDED (and corrupt) and will never reach Quadrants III and IV absent a massive purge and a total switchout of leadership.

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