Trump Triumph Part III: Zionists, Antifa, Silicon Valley Exposed

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Candace Owens Fundraiser For Alabama Bar Canceled By GoFundMe, Suspends Account

Phi Beta Iota: In combination with the AIPAC and ADL alliance with Soros and Antifa and DNC, what this really means is “open season” against Silicon Valley. Once 9/11 and Epstein and NSA disclosures on Wall Street’s $200 trillion in illicit assets (half naked short selling, half money laundering) are made, the Zionists are OVER and so is Antifa. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer are “dead men walking” with no future.

Candace Owens is not an authentic black leader and is not in touch with authentic black leaders, but as the President’s favorite in-house black girl, she is now “fair game” for all manner of dirty tricks. The ADL controls social media including alternative funding platforms.  We know every single ADL representative in every single social media company; by name, and have all of their emails, texts, calls, and game chats.


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