Yoda: Russell Gould the Real Deal?

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Alert Reader, reacting to the below post, sent in an extended comment. Robert Steele has committed to interviewing Russell Gould if he can make the connection.

DefDog: From JFK to DJT – Patriots Fight to Reclaim the USA from the Deep State

This [above link] reads absolutely true to my reality, including a few new parts and connections that I was not aware of.

It’s great to see David Wynn Miller and Russell Gould getting the credit they deserve. If one man saved the world, and he did, it was Russell Gould. They beat the shit out of him and he didn’t give in. The world owes Russell and David a huge debt of gratitude. The Navy fucked Russell tossing him aside and the generals need to make that right. I’d studied all of David’s and Russell’s video work (20+++ hours at least) and studied Parse Se Syntax grammar (not to full mastery). I believe Anna should know a ton about them.  Knowing how David and Russell deciphered the world matrix which enslaved humanity and claimed the flag will be an essential educational Keystone when you get your dream OpenSource/Intel/Research/Education position.

Summary: David Wynn Miller had his children taken away from him. Leaving the bench, the judge said “Mr. Miller, you’re a smart man, you’ll figure it out.”  And he did. David, and later Russell completely deciphered the global postal system, Maritime Admiralty Law’s total chattel fuck job/whore bankster judges/court proceedings/vessel in dry dock status (including planet earth as a vessel in dry dock which they/cabal/ Illuminati claimed/, Admiralty Law’s purposefully convoluted deceitful and lopsided language, found Ben Franklin at the heart of The Declaration of Independence being absolutely nothing of the kind. David was a brilliant guy like you. IQ off measurable chart, 200+. David had stopped aging from a botched surgery where he was pronounced dead but survived. Ultimately, Russell understood that the King needed to vacate PA for 18 days and stepped in and claimed it. So much much more. Again, our military needs to make things right with Russell. David’s gone.

I was going to write you anyway,

  • to congratulate you on Q&A #2, and to say
  • how fabulously uplifting Sacha’s interview of George Nasif was.

to hear someone like George talk about true new world possibilities, and 900-1,200 years of human living, at interview’s end was quite uplifting.

Sacha Stone with George Nasif (Video) Advancing Humanity

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