James Fetzer: Art Oliver on the Coronavirus Mask Submission Transformation Ritual

Cultural Intelligence
Jim Fetzer

Art Olivier, The Coronavirus Transformation Ritual

On George Floyd’s chest is a big tattoo of the Masonic Double-headed Eagle of Lagash. If Floyd were a Mason, he would have attended The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Minnesota. Part of the Master Mason ritual is the Brethren praying on one knee around the body of Hiram Abiff. The lodge is a half-mile on the same 38th Street where Officer Chauvin, the Chauvinistic One, confronted Floyd. 3 minutes after arriving on the scene, Officer Chauvin placed his left knee down and held his Masonic pose on George Floyd for 8 minutes. The Chauvinistic One’s ritual lasted 11 minutes. Then Abrahadabra; the whole world is genuflecting, kneeling with one knee.

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