Mongoose: Deep Fake China Bullshit from Mossad, MI-6, & CIA


The below “secret speech” by a Chinese general is a deep fake.  A covert disinformation program from the Mossad, MI-6, and the CIA, all working very hard to distract the public from the reality that the greatest threat to the USA is represented by the Mossad, MI-6, and CIA on behalf of the Zionists and the Deep State.

China is not the main enemy.  The main enemy is right here, right now, in our face, and doing everything it can to distract us from that basic fact. Ben Fulford has this to say:

The Chinese do not want war because time is on their side. Only when the West revamps its financial and economic system to remove the Zionists will it be able to compete the East. Finally, in thousands of years, the Chinese were never invaders.

DOC (19 Pages): The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian

The various stories about a 500,000 Chinese army being prepared to invade the USA (or the UN or NATO) are all crap — covert action crap for weak minds.

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