DefDog: THE CON – The Truth Behind the Largest Criminal Conspiracy in American History

Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Law Enforcement

It’s the most comprehensive investigation into the 2008 financial crisis. Who did it. Why it happened. And how #TheCon is the reason everything continues to be so $crewed up. Join the Aug. 5 global live premiere + Q&A: (Not So) Fun Fact: The U.S. has the highest prison population in the world, and the lowest conviction rate of white collar criminals. See why this should not be the case. Be part of the #TheCon global live premiere + Q&A on Aug. 5: What’s happening before our eyes is what happens when corruption takes power and institutions fail. It’s history and always will be when integrity and character forged in courage have to play catch up to deception and complicity. There’s a reason the United States exists. There will also be a reason for its demise if you continue to stay in the dark. #TheCon

ROBERT STEELE: 2008 was big but the headline is hype.  The Great Depression, WW I, WWII, the occupation of Palestine, 9/11 by the Zionists, pedophilia entrapment and blackmail of US Congress and 28 state governors and legislators — those are all pretty big crimes.  What is happening is that the academy, the government, and the media are now completely discredited as sources of public information.  We do not have a reliable public media ecology yet, but it is emergent.

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