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1. Why wouldn’t china now use supersonic torpedos on our carriers @ Tiawon & EMP on the US preceeding a red dawn invassion to take our land? Any or all nukes actually operational?

2. Is/was President Trump a Jesuit and how do the Jesuits play into this whole evil agenda?

3. Do you think that the general public will become aware of the occult aspects of the deep state in the near future? It has always existed but most people would still label it a crazy conspiracy theory…do you think that could change soon?

4. Will the historical White House psychic, Jean Dixon’s exciting and interesting predictions for 2020 be realised? Hope so. All to be found on the ‘DarkJournalist Jean Dixon’ episode.

5. what strategic importance is india regarding Americas technology dependence on other coubtries, and is there any long term efforts india is building for thr USA?

6. I heard Newsom gave 1 billion $ of CA taxpayers money to China and received 10,000 AK47’s which were going to be given to Antifa. He was also paving the way for China to invade CA! I there any truth to this?

7. What can be done to stop the reckless burning and looting being carried out by the various groups around the country?

8. A nurse reported that there is a helicoptor every hour during the night carrying Mexican CV patients to a hospital (or hospitals) in Riverside. They are being flown in but not taken back after discharge. How is Newsom getting away with this? What can be done to further expose/halt this practice costing Californians an estimated $70,000 tp $100,000 per patient!

9. It seems that a ‘false flag’ operation is very much like a play. The crisis-actors have to be in on the scam, and controlled afterwards to keep them from “spilling the beans.” How is that control accomplished, and would it take a ton of money in he USA?

10. Thank you for answering, but I didn’t hear you answer on WHO ordered the burning of the Amazon forest. Please, WHO ordered the burning of the Amazon and who is benefitting from destroying our lungs of the worl. Wasn’t it Bolsenaro? Why hasn’t he had a bounty put on him?

11. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr made magnificent statements about non-violence which the President should quote in speeches and tweets. How can we get this message to him and his speech writers?

12. who is behind chemtrails? there seem to be fewer of them since trump took office?

13. My mom has recently been watching and reading all of your reports and I have been selected for OCS to join the Marine Corps but in light of things going on, and hearing your thoughts on things, I am having reservations. I am a Christian and my faith affects everything that I do. I know this is a very personal question and I am just asking your advice on where you think our country is heading in the near future and does it make sense to join the military now?

14. According to Ben and Anna, the US Corp Govt has missed its final payment in Feb 2020, and formally collapsed on 6/22/2020. From an authoritative power structure, someone must be running the show, holding the value of the Trusts and running the show. Who is it???

15. What is your military and intelligence history?

16. How do you see the potential for Trumps acquisition of $100+T in Wall St assets impacting our already tenuous situation of potential Hyper-Inflation once the economy gets going again?

17. Just watched an interview with George Nasif. Much of what he says sounds suspicious to me. Quite as if he were a plant or provocateur trying to lay groundwork for besmirching POTUS or worse. Do you have a take on this?

18. Pelosi’s announcement that, President Trump will be leaving the office whether he knows it or not and that they will fumigate him out…can this constitutionally be done without merit? And to state that she she is second in command…what??? Is she planning to remove Pence also?

19. I worked closely with Jose Arguelles 2003-2007 with my primary focus being our return to the 13-month, 28-day +1 calendar as the societal OS. I produce a perpetual version of this only way to coordinate society with an equal standard of measure that is both lunar and solar, potentially unifying all cultures and creeds on Earth. Are you aware of this possibility? -Tim Tussing
Mathematics Lecturer at The Ohio State University
(largely funded by Wexner)

20. What do you make of President Trump’s endorsement/urging of wearing those ineffectual masks?

21. Semper Fi Robert. Thanks for your service. I was a Marine in 2nd Battalion / 9th Marines up in I Corps Vietnam in 1967. My understanding is that there is a special relationship between the Marine Corps and POTUS. My question is if a civil war cannot be avoided, how might our President use that special relationship?

22. What are your thoughts on the forced closing of the China consulate in Houston by the US?

23. Is there truth behind rumors that a treaty was signed in the Summer 2019 regarding the release of Gold reserves not previously accounted for on the “Global Register” that were / are under the control of a power Asian entity? If this is true can you elucidate?

24. Is there a “real” history book I can use with my child?

25. I saw an MSNBC clip with Trump insisting that kids HAVE to get their shots. What do you think Trump’s stance is? I thought he was more understanding about vaccine damage than represented in the clip!

26. Have not heard or seen anything from Dr. Mikovits of late.
Do you know if she is OK and, if so, what she might be up to?

27. I watched the Charlie Freak video you had in one of your emails. Do you believe all of that is true?

28. Have you seen the reading of the Rockefeller Foundation plan for forced vax? It starts with COVID. In a few months they plan a 6-9 month lockdown & blame it on defiant citizens, deny food to those who refuse vax. True? Plausible? Will Trump stop it?

29. In spite of Wall Street $ 100 trillion settlement and confiscation, what would be the law enforcement program against the bad, though rumored in arrests and executions?

30. Ben Fulford claimed military has recently taken control of Trump to SOME degree & he has cancer & running doubles or been killed. Do you know to what degree? Which faction of military?

31. This is probably premature and has to be handled with care, but some discussion at some point about how to watch for, what to watch for, etc. I wrote in the past about bio-surveillance sentinel systems but these may have been compromised already. If in fact they are coming back as per Gates with another “whammy” (I’ve pointed to old clues about the weaponization and CRISPR-tinkered Ebola), then… Does the Marine Corps still have that CBRNE response unit? Someone up top in military intel knows.

32. Mandated vaccines: Arizona just passed an executive order allowing mandated vaccines. Do you see mandated vaccines happening and what can we do?

33. Is the US Debt legit, and What do you think about credit card debt dropping precipitously?

34. Weather warfare, weather engineering & aerosol delivery of disease: Can you differentiate the three; discuss who’s doing it inside the US; suggest sources to follow; suggest action steps at local levels?

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