The Steele Report: Saturday Video Up, Preview of Monday Text

Steele Report

VIDEO (SAT): Robert answered 21 questions provided in advance, covering many aspects of where the Trump Administration might be in the fight to the death against the Deep State cabal, human trafficking, the fake pandemic, murderous vaccines, the status of General Mike Flynn and the future indictment and conviction of Anthony Fauci for mass murder, pedophilia and progress on arrrests, full disclosure and medical advancements, and DNC switch out of Biden for who who who.

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The Steele Report Video Agenda Today

Steele Report

QUESTIONS FOR 2020-08-01

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1. Any thoughts on why DJT seems not as fiesty when it comes to masks, Fauci, and the CV as a whole? A tactic, finding some truth, or caving in to pressure, something else?
Thanks, Ken.

2. Regarding ITNJ Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse Hearing: As Chief Counsel, what has been the progress of the a Inquiry since 2018?

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Today’s Steele Report

Steele Report

For Monday 27 July 2020 the Trump Administration is rated Orange for the Campaign and the White House, and Yellow for Message, Economy, Society, and Zionism. Eight topics are briefly addressed: protests and police; the corruption of language and society by design; the looming US and global food crisis; ten day plan for slamming fake pandemic lies; new lawsuits against ADL for defamation; Democratic split ticket by 16 September; Israel rather than China as the leading thief of US intellectual property; and weather warfare.

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The Steele Report Questions for Saturday – Subscribe If You Want To Hear Answers!

Steele Report

Below are the questions I will answer tomorrow at The Steele  Report.

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1. Why wouldn’t china now use supersonic torpedos on our carriers @ Tiawon & EMP on the US preceeding a red dawn invassion to take our land? Any or all nukes actually operational?

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The Steele Report Topics Today

Steele Report

New: color-coded evaluation of Trump Administration across six aspects. I am covering the following topics today.

  • 5D Chess — what are the five levels being played?
  • Implications of Extraterrestrial Disclosure
  • Earth – the Needed Purge of Satanists and Pedophiles
  • Web 3.0: Application of War Powers to Smash #Google Gestapo by 1 SEP
  • Trump Alone — Stabbed in the Back by Parscale, Kushner, & the GOP

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THE STEELE REPORT Preview (Video Tomorrow, Text Monday)

Steele Report

I am working on the text report for Monday, here is what is in it so far:

  • What I am hearing on the economic re-set and when it might happen
  • Anna von  Reitz vs. Russell Jay Gould
  • The end of Zionism in the USA – why I am drawing the line here and now
  • #UNRIG electoral reform act update – and Cynthia McKinny in DC 20-24 July
  • My final object: the integrated reform of education, intelligence, research

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Below the fold are the questions we have in hand for tomorrow’s video.

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Steele Report

This week (today) Robert discusses The President’s 4th of July Speech; What Authentic Blacks Like Bob Woodson Are Saying; Mike Flynn’s Oath and the Potential of Mike Flynn; The Zionist Gorilla in Election 2020 – It Cannot Be Ignored; Is Justice Roberts Compromised? Was Justice Scalia Murdered?; Was the Founding of America Completely Faked by the Freemasons?; Will New Hybrid Forms of Governance Emerge?; Will We Impose the Rule of Law on Social Media in Time for the Election?; Is President Trump Being Betrayed by the Republican Party? What Can He Do?; and When Will the Truth About COVID-19 – a Fake Pandemic – Be Obvious to the Public?

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THE STEELE REPORT: Questions to Be Answered Saturday — and Seeking Topics for Monday Report

Steele Report

Arugah. Below the fold are the questions I will answer on video Saturday at 1 pm Eastern, I will do these in 30 minutes and then do impromptu questions via chat for the second thirty minutes. Sign up at The Steele Report if you wish.  Those enjoying the 4th will find the private video archived forever at The Steele Report. We have a form for subscribers to shape both the Monday text report and the Saturday video engagement.  Subscribe if you wish to influence, and thank you — earnings keep PBI free.

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THE STEELE REPORT ULTRA TOP SECRET: Questions answered today 1300 Eastern

Steele Report

The Steele Report provides a 2,500-5,000 word text overview at the Presidential level each Monday at 0800 Eastern, and a one-hour private video answering subscriber questions each Saturday at 1300 Eastern.

SPY IMPROV was established at Hackers on Planet Earth. See past sessions at YouTube.

Below are the subscriber questions that will be answered on Saturday 20 June.

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THE STEELE REPORT: Text Mondays, Video Saturdays

Steele Report

𝗩𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: Weekly 2,500+ word report at Presidential level online, cannot be copied plus the ability to ask questions of Robert that will be addressed via private video SPY IMPROV once a week, or email. Cost is $11 a month, can cancel anytime. Site:

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