#UNRIG Video (37:19) Russell Jay Gould On Interpol, The Hague, Benjamin Franklin and Global Economic Reset

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By investigating Russell-Jay: Gould and David-Wynn: Miller you are taking one very big (and eye opening) step down into that dark rabbit hole, and it's well worth the effort. I've been down there, and beyond. In fact a combination of harsh Canadian winter and the lockdown has kept me home 24/7 since last November and I have had nothing to do but thoroughly investigate Russell and David. I've read (100s of pages) and listened to everything (over 100 hours of video) they have published so far, including the work of their associates in Canada and Australia, and Mr. Horton of the US military.

Here is what I can tell you as a result, and it is largely based on facts openly published by Russell, David and the others I mentioned. The original complete specification (it is extensive) for QUANTUM-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR is located here: https://dwmlc.com

First let me state, for the record, one fact that no one seems to be catching on to yet. That it is all just another jurisdictional war, but with an original twist, that has left the stupid criminals in a bind, and has educated the smart criminals on how to be even better criminals. All the published evidence makes it abundantly clear that this is the reality of this ongoing situation.

yoda refers to “Parse Se Syntax”. That's incomplete and misleading. What David-Wynn: Miller developed is called QUANTUM-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR. Translated into plain English this means: a Quantum based syntax parsing method for Dog Latin grammar.

In this context the word Quantum refers to transcendence, meaning this new system transcends the old Dog Latin system long employed by the Bar Attorneys and their ilk. It accomplishes this by removing all past and future references and constructs, and grounding contractual language in the present Now Time (aka time transcendence) through the use of a mathematical grammar checker, designed as 1+2=3 | 3-2=1. While it is true that this numerical grammar checker works as promised, it also does things not promised, and some of them are very undesirable. It completely fails the test of Occam's Razor, because: 12345 | 54321 does the same thing, is simpler and is infallible. However David and Russell never used the simpler 12345 version, and as a result of using the more complicated math construct (with =-+ operators), the smart criminals are now able to defeat the system for their own criminal gain. This excessive complexity of the construct also prevents its users from understanding the true universal nature, origin, purpose and functioning of jurisdiction. That has had the effect of making its users blind in one eye and suffering from tunnel vision in the other.

David-Wynn: Miller has publicly admitted to being a 92 degree Freemason. He has also claimed that both his parents were very deep into Masonry. Masonry appears to be the MIller family's legacy.

Russell-Jay: Gould also claims to have been trained extensively by David's mother (Order of the Eastern Star). This has been openly stated by Russell and David in numerous video recordings.

According to Russell, David eventually betrayed him in numerous situations. My personal observation is that betrayal is a common theme in this sector of the rabbit hole. Russell has fully documented and recorded the evidence of these betrayals, including, but not limited to, teaching Hillary and Bill Clinton how to bullet proof their contracts to make them nearly untouchable by any law, teaching the Chinese Communist Party (another tentacle of the Deep State) how to build a powerful but criminally oriented crypto-currency system which they are currently using to cause many global financial problems. The list is longer according to Russell but I'll leave it at that. It's all extensively documented in his videos ( see :WAR-CASTLES and the Reno Seminars on YouTube, or go to this site: https://www.subscribepage.com/forthequantum ).

Russell-Jay: Gould openly claims to be the legitimate owner of the entire planet (the planetary sovereign) and all of its gold (17 million tons), just as a starting point. That ought to give anyone serious pause.

Russell-Jay: Gould claims to have one foot on the land and one foot on the sea (he claims to fulfill a Biblical prophecy), thereby making him a dual citizen of the land and sea jurisdictions. However, Russel fails to mention that such a dual citizenship is unlawful for an American such as himself, and as a result any actions he takes on the land jurisdiction of America makes him liable to charges of piracy and trespass under his own system.

Russell-Jay: Gould claims the Vatican has extensively studied and is applying the QUANTUM-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR, thereby making it (the Vatican) highly impervious to rightful and legitimate prosecution.

Russell never mentions the other 2 US constitutions (yes there are three in all). In doing so he tells only a partial and misleading story. The three constitutions are:
1 – The Constitution for the united States of America…(international land jurisdiction – for national trade)
2 – The Constitution of the United States of America…(international sea jurisdiction – for international trade and commerce)
3 – The Constitution of the United States…(global air jurisdiction – for global commerce)
Notice the slight change in wording in how each constitution is named. These minor differences are critical to understand. Also be aware that the first one in the list takes precedence over the other two. In fact all the authority of the second and third constitutions is derived from the first. This is a vital concept that all Americans need to understand. These constitutions are vastly different from one another, and taking action to protect the wrong one could have disastrous consequences. All Americans need to learn the truth about their many constitutions. Everything you need to know is freely published in this excellent, tell all booklet that can be downloaded at no cost from:  http://annavonreitz.com/documents/juralassemblyhandbook.pdf

I personally contacted Russell's Canadian associates at the Red-Thumb-Club (now called :QUANTUM-COMMUNITY) to inquire about correcting my Canadian legal and political status using the method they prescribe. Immediately their hand came out demanding 10 troy ounces of fine silver! I have it in writing. Now let's do the math. To correct the legal and political status of 40 million Canadians would put 400 million troy ounces of silver in their coffer!!! For America that would amount to 4 BILLION troy ounces of silver. One thing I know with absolute certainty, is that our sick world does NOT need anymore Billionaires. Now that Russell owns all the gold (supposedly) it appears that he and his minions are after all the silver too.

So what is my personal opinion of Russell-Jay: Gould? A necessary evil given our planet's current situation. Russell is a catch-22 situation. He leads many to correct their faulty (fraudulent) contracts, but in doing so it also fortifies the criminals against valid and proper prosecution. So for every problem that he corrects he potentially leaves the door open for an even worse problem to develop. Jurisdiction is both a simple and complex matter. By using the overly complex 1+2=3 | 3-2=1 construct, Russell has shot himself in the foot on numerous occasions (which he openly admits), and has unwittingly further strengthened some of the worst criminal elements on our planet. As you very well know yourself Robert, the more complex a system is, the more likely it is to fail, and Russell has a long history of (self-admitted) failures rooted in the excessive complexity of his construct. He has failed to use Occam's Razor, and has done so to his detriment.

Russel-Jay: Gould is clearly attacking serious national and global contractual problems, and while he is achieving limited success, he faces monumental challenges, for which he doesn't appear to have the skills or a solution as of yet. I would expect and even DEMAND that my Planetary Sovereign have, at the very least, a solid, rational, feasible and openly published, short and long term plan for leading our suffering planet and collapsing civilisation into true authentic peace and prosperity for everyone, as well as a clear and viable path of continuity once his life here among us is over. Who will take over the reigns of power then?

In light of all the published evidence I have stated above, there is still an 800 pound gorilla in the room and I'll address it now. Russell simply doesn't have the real power to actually enforce anything. He has admitted that he can barely protect his own life at times. So far he has only been able to act on paper, and enlist willing volunteers, with no real power themselves, to venture into this extremely hostile arena of battle. The real power remains in the hands of the global crime syndicate.

Russell has developed the ability to correct certain very difficult and large scale problems, however he hasn't shown any ability to lead nationally, internationally or globally. I see him as being a very capable home grown “fixer-upper” of past problems, but he clearly appears to be severely lacking in vision for the future. He appears clueless as to how our planet needs to proceed once all the dust and fog or war settles. He is totally engulfed in dealing with the problems of the past and offers nothing forward looking of real value. The book of Proverbs sums it up neatly: Proverbs 29:18 says: Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Otherwise I heartily commend Russel-Jay: Gould for the tremendous efforts he has made and continues to make on behalf of so many, and above all I honor Him for his SUPREME COURAGE in fighting this many headed beast of massive proportions. For that He deserves our respect and our prayers.

See These Sites for More Information:

https://dwmlc.com     (this is his ex partner David's site)

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