Ben Garrison: Ditch the Masks, Morons!

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Beware the cult of the Mask zombies

There are many things about COVID-19 that raise flags of suspicion:

Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and the Deep State have warned about such an event and indeed they have planned such a scenario as recently as last year.

Dr. Fauci made sure the lab in Wuhan received millions of dollars in taxpayer money to expedite their plan.

It has occurred during an election year–and that’s always suspicious, especially after the Deep State’s string of failed schemes to stop the president.

The virus serves as a distraction from the Deep State’s last gasp scramble to stay in power and avoid prosecution. They are now encouraging a violent, anti-American overthrow of Trump conservatives.

The virus helps advance the UN’s Agenda 21, Bill Gates’ ID 2020 and traceable ‘mark of the beast’ tattoos via vaccination, as well as a cashless society with a Chinese-style social credit system.

Free speech continues to get trounced by social media. Only the ‘official medical authorities’ are allowed a say. Those authorities are corrupt and untrustworthy. They include the CDC, the NIA, AMA, and everything the Gates Foundation pollutes with its dirty money. One of my cartoons that featured Bill Gates and his ‘plannedemic’ was banned by Facebook as being ‘harmful.’ This kind of censorship will only grow worse. Only ‘official’ opinions about the virus are allowed to be expressed.’ We have become the old Soviet Union or communist China.

Globalists switched off the “deadly pandemic” to accommodate the BLM protests, then switched it back on as soon as the protests subsided.

We can resist by refusing to wear masks, which are far more harmful to our health than the extremely small chance of dying from the virus.

-Ben Garrison


Ben Garrison: The Masks Speak

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