Zero Hedge: Trump Signs Order Excluding Illegal Immigrants From Census

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Trump Signs Order Excluding Illegal Immigrants From Census

President Trump on Tuesday signed an order which will bar immigrants living in the United States illegally from being included in the 2020 census for purposes of apportioning members of Congress to states.

ROBERT STEELE: What this means is that California will lose at least four seats, Texas, New York, and Florida are likely to lose at least two seats each. The President is right on target: Congress represents CITIZENS, not ILLEGAL ALIENS.

I would point out that mail-in ballots move through the FEDERAL post office system.  It is within the President’s power to isolate all mail in ballots under the supervision of US Marshalls, and ensure that they are counted publicly under federal supervision, and also cross checked, as Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe have devised, against both the Social Security database and the US Postal Service database.


#UNRIG: Election Reform Act of 2020: A Citizen’s Guide to Achieving Democracy with Integrity (Trump Revolution Book 54)

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