Martin Geddes: On Q & Other Core References

Cultural Intelligence

ROBERT STEELE: I consider Martin Geddes to be one of the most brilliant – and authentic people I have met in my lifetime. I find his analysis of Q as a communications and cultural phenomenon to be compelling.  Below are core references by him that I recommend, along with our first interview. This coming Wednesday I will be interviewing him again, for one hour, with a specific focus on the minutia of Q and where Election 2020 might go.

Ten Essays on Q Anon
Original WWG1WGA Essay

#UNRIG Video (36:09) Martin Geddes, UK IT Genius, on QAnon as a Mind-Liberation Phenomenon Defeating Cultural Marxism

#UNRIG Video (53:00) Martin Geddes on Q and Cultural Marxism II — he summarizes each of his Q essays — this is EPIC!

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