Mongoose: Did Elliot Roosevelt Murder Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.?

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Alert Reader believes that President Roosevelt, alone or at the direction of someone else, gave the order to begin murdering the Kennedy men starting with Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. who appears to have been murdered by Elliot Roosevelt.

Alert Reader observes:

Joe had enough missions to return stateside, but volunteered for Operation Aphrodite as drone take off pilot to two thousand feet, bail out, a following “recon” would then fly autopilot remote and kamikaze into target. Elliot was recon (and trigger) pilot.  Joe, Sr was ambassador to UK from 1938, antiwar and openly stated his ambition for a Kennedy POTUS dynasty.  Mostly circumstantial evidence, but motives, methods, means….

Elliot Roosevelt was the trigger puller in the chase plane.

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ROBERT STEELE: It is not possibly to understate  the perfidy of US Presidents going back in time — or Vice Presidents, with Lyndon Baines Johnson and Dick Cheney standing out as world class criminals. From the Great Depression to the occupation of Palestine to 9/11 and most wars based on lies, US Presidents have been the “best of the servant class” to the Deep State. JFK and DJT stand out as exceptions to that rule. Below are just a few book reviews and related references intended to make the point that our political class has betrayed us with malice.

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