Robert Steele: Illinois Rep Wants to Abolish History Classes as Racist

Cultural Intelligence

There is a lot about State Representative La Shawn Ford that I do not like — he is a dumb ass to begin with (and a racist) — but at root, quite by accident and without having the benefit of a very good education, he’s on to something.

Illinois Rep Wants to Abolish History Classes as Racist

History is not rascist, history is simply a pack of lies designed to protect the 1% from centuries of depredation against the 99%.

An Open Source Agency with an Information Bureau (as well as an Engineering Bureau) would have a History Division that would meet my dumb-ass rascist brother from Illinois half-way: we take down the 1% AND we respect what the 99% — black, white, and other — have done (as Howard Zinn tried to do with A People’s History of the United States.  From our founding (by Freemasons manipulating everything on both sides) to the War of Secession and Looting to the Great Depression to both World Wars to the founding of Israel, to every aspect of what we have done domestically and abroad….all lies.  The  truth at any cost lowers all others costs.  Time for a change.

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