The Saker: Will There Be Civil War? Or a Break-Up of the USA?

Cultural Intelligence

Will Hillary and the Dems get the civil war they are trying to provoke?


I don’t see a civil war happening in the US.  But I do think that this country can, and probably will, break-up into different zones so to speak.

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ROBERT STEELE: I believe The Saker is wrong on this one. The single greatest factor in all this is the DISCIPLINE of the law-abiding citizens and the armed white militias in particular.  I credit Q Anon and whatever other means President Donald Trump is using to “hold the line.” We are two months away from D-Day and it will  take at least a year after Trump wins re-election to put away all these seditionists (The Saker has that part absolutely right) — the DNC (and the RINOs he does not mention) are seditionists — traitors).

Summary Review

A Great Awakening is occurring, perhaps enabled or reinforced by stellar forces for good, and I believe that a 1,000 years of peace and prosperity are upon us.

In my view, the “nine nations of North America” have more cohension across all races and creeds than anyone seems to appreciate, and the left-right divide as well as the gender and race divides are contrived and insubstantive. Good will triumph over evil.


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