Benjamin Fulford with Paul Adams (Video, 1:16:38): Unleashed

Cultural Intelligence

Summary: Benjamin starts with the premise that this is a plandemic, then veers into the backdrop of the colonization of Japan by the US at the heels of WW2, takes us up to the resignation of Shinzo Abe, enumerates secret societies, confirms the depopulation agenda and the hunt and elimination of Covid-19 fear porn maggots, dives into an assortment of rabbit holes, from Richard Armitage to Putin, Hillary Clinton, Trump, Bill & Melinda Gates, David Icke, Andrew Basiago plus much, much more.

Fulford says: It was a good discussion and I think it would be useful for people who still need to get up to speed on who is really running the planet.
It might be useful in a month or so to have a talk focused on cults like the Mormons, the Moonies etc. and the role they play in all of this.

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