Ed Jewitt: The Pretenders — White Jewish Girl From Kansas Pretends to be Black Her Whole Life? Say What?

Cultural Intelligence

Another white US female professor has been exposed as falsely claiming to be black. What lies behind this ‘pretendian’ phenomenon?

Jessica Krug, 38, has spent years building a career as a black academic. Quite apart from how a white, Jewish woman from Kansas was able to get away with this for so long, what drives someone to act in this way?

“… the toxic soil of identity obsession that encourages self-deception encourages more and more people to become pretendians. As long as the cult of victimhood enjoys such powerful prestige, it is unlikely that pretensions to an idealised identity can be stopped. It is important to remind ourselves that while white people passing as black is regarded as a cultural crime, it is ok for a biologically born man to identify himself as a woman and a biologically born woman to adopt the identity of a man. Pretendians are not going to go away anytime soon. It is a sad reflection of the zeitgeist prevailing in the Anglo-American world that so many people aspire to be the victims rather than the authors of their destiny.”

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