Mark Steele: 5G Can Vaporize You — Not Neutralized Yet

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Recent comments about 5g being neutralized are premature.  Yes, there are prospects of neutralization. No it has not happened.

  • We need to know the Voltage of the equipment.. It’s A X V = W so if its 50 x 450 = 22500 Watts power..  I can kill you with a lot less than that.  1 thousands of a Watt cm for 6 Min is the ICNIRP guideline and would not be safe. It’s the resonant frequency that can dissociate the  molecular bonds using the dielectric properties of the molecules. Its not just about the Watts in the beam wave delivery system.

  • With technology we developed 15 years ago we can lock on a missile traveling at Mach 2 and knock it out of the air.  So yes there is tech that can lock on a person or cell phone at 1000ft.  The question is then, does a cell tower that is 5g rated have enough power to it to transmit enough EMF to vaporize someone. Based on the 55 5g cell towers I’ve watched being installed, the actual power cables are rated at 50 amps.  That’s not nearly enough power to vaporizer even a bottle of water. There are other delivery systems.

Phi Beta Iota: There is also the matter of the deliberate toxification of humans with metals via chem trails, food, floride in the matter, and more, along with mercury and other toxins injected by a criminal vaccine enterprise with full immunity from equally criminal members of Congress.


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