Review (Guest): Principia Meteorologia – The Physics of Sun Earth Weather

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6 Star – The Foundational Weather War Book

The “Weather Book” as it is sometimes called (2004) was written for the general public as well as experienced atmospheric scientists.   It relays the life long work of physicist James McCanney beginning with the understanding that solar fusion is in the solar atmosphere not in the core, and the electrical nature of the solar wind.   Standard science has been laboring under misguided principles which are exposed in this 300+ page text.  Of primary importance, the sun’s fusion engine creates a non-uniform electrical capacitor with the negatively charged sun in the center and positively charged “nebular ion cloud” beyond the planet Pluto.   This is the source for all weather in the solar system including that of Earth.

Working with the Russian Atmospheric Physics Group at the University of Novosibirsk in Central Russia in the mid 1990’s, Professor McCanney’s work was translated and taught in daily meetings and then taught in the university systems in Russia.   They devised ingenious experiments to verify McCanney’s theoretical work including an x-ray experiment that proved that the solar core is cooler than the atmosphere.   The Russian Physics group had observed tornadoes racing across the surface of the sun (10 years before NASA saw these) and were explained by McCanney’s electrical discharge model.   They also confirmed the McCanney “Plasma Discharge Comet Model” in many experiments not the least of which was proving that the tail material in comets is coming from the local environment TOWARDS the comet nucleus (e.g. comet Shoemaker Levy 9 as it crashed into Jupiter’s far side).

Their work created the first real model for hurricane formation from atmospheric electric currents between the ionosphere and the ionized air at the surface of the ocean, as well as methods to dissipate hurricanes off shore before they make landfall.   This led to the creation of hurricane manipulation using laser satellites to augment the natural processes.  They offered this to the international communities especially the USA which suffers regularly from destructive forces of tornadoes and hurricanes.   Unfortunately, the USA deep state military chose to develop this technology and launched the first weather warfare laser satellites in 2002.   This replaced the aging HAARP technology which was not accurate or as powerful.   These same Russian scientists approached the UN to declare the US use of weather weapons as against the Geneva Convention but the US (under then President Bush) refused to sign the treaty since it would prohibit the use of these weapons against their own civilian populations.

This is when the weather manipulation began.  McCanney’s book release exposed this to the public and outlined the theoretical work that had been blocked from the public by the efforts of NASA, NOAA and the USA deep state military.   It also exposed the misinformation campaigns waged through weather channels and federal agencies such as the National Hurricane Prediction Center in Boulder Colorado as a Hoax agency promoting false science to cover for the weather warfare being waged against the American public which continues today.  Examples of hurricanes that were manipulated for political social engineering effects were Hurricane Katrina (to disrupt the oil industry and genocide the New Orleans Black populations), Hurricane Michael (to affect the 2018 mid term election in Florida and southern states) and most recently Hurricane Laura designed to destroy the 2020 rice harvest.

This book also defines space weather and discusses weather systems on all the planets including the method of locating LEB’s (Local Electrical Batteries) in the vicinity of Earth.  The knowledge allowed McCanney to predict weather systems months in advance based on “trigger mechanisms” which include electrical alignments as well as lunar influences and annual effects such as the now proven “August return current sheet” that affects the highest point of the hurricane season, aurora season, etc..   It is written at a level for general public or advanced science.

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