Review: The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival — The Brutal Truth About Violence, Death, and Mayhem You Must Know to Survive

6 Star Top 10%, Asymmetric, Cyber, Hacking, Odd War, Atrocities & Genocide, Complexity & Catastrophe, Survival & Sustainment

6 Star Eye Opener, Deeply Authentic

This is a deeply authentic as well as troubling book, particularly in light of the ease with which Deep State / George Soros elements turned Seattle, Portland, and New York City into what the President has quite properly called “anarchist jurisdictions.”

From the description: Selco is a household name in prepping and survival circles. He survived the Balkan War in a city with no power, no running water, and no supplies. For a year, he and his family fought every single day for bare subsistence. This book is a collection of his darkest moments.

My flyleaf notes:

  • Media is critical player in making it “OK” to kill, rape, and loot
  • Assume no electricity
  • Assume mauraders, armed, crazy, and given a free pass by authorities
  • Neighbors can become savage enemies overnight, willing to kill you for food.
  • Survival is a full-time job
  • “The System” collapses fast — within days
  • You have no rights — and no police or military protecting you
  • You need others you can trust
  • Media and social media are wortheless as sources of actionable intelligence
  • Rural is safer by far — and easier to defend
  • Anxiety and depression and fear can gut you
  • Smell of dead and garbage in urban areas is pervasive and overwhelming
  • Protecting property in urban areas in neither possible nor worth your life
  • There is no foraging and hunting in urban areas
  • Batteries are priceless, worth more  than gold
  • A lot of food scales are scams and you could get killed in the process
  • Injuries (especially knife wounds) can kill you with medical care gone
  • Hunger can make you desperate and stupid
  • Be ready to shoot human shields
  • Water containers can be as precious as water sources
  • Streams and rivers are contaminated fast with the dead
  • Water purification can be a challenge without firewood
  • Outdoor latrines are critical
  • Forget about bathing — but try to wipe clean with one wet napkin
  • Canned food more valuable than precious metals
  • Keep your humanity but be ready to go animal in an instant
  • Learn to recognize collapse looming and leave before it happens — loss of cellular and Internet; food trucks stop arriving; gasoline outages
  • Gun confiscation by police looms — registered weapons are too easy
  • 2nd Amendment is worthless if police go Nazi Deep State on you
  • Mobility matters — cannot defend fixed property from armed gangs
  • Have practical skills — medical skills are especially tradeable
  • Most activity happens in darkness
  • Carts are priceless for carrying wood (and in his case) air-dropped MREs
  • Sharp saws for cutting wood are priceless
  • Toilet paper substitutes are the norm
  • Women are pillars of strength especially in making food from nothing
  • Homemade lamps matter
  • Gangs with total power are a reality, only defense is to run and/or be invisible to them
  • In a total violence environment be ready to run (forget pride), be ready to kill, be ready to ignore violence against others as the prices for not being seen
  • Commons causes of death include snipers, shelling, beatings, knifings
  • Be aware gangs have private prisons for fun — torture and rape
  • Knife fighting is both simpler than most realize and more dangerous in that an infected cut will kill you
  • Takes YEARS to restore normal
  • Anarchy destroys the soul, the family, and the community

Buy the book. It will change the way you  think about Election 2020.


Mindful that the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is emergent, with a national event in Lynchburg VA on 30 September, I gave a little thought to neighborhood defense and here is what I came up with.

  1. Urban neighbors tend to be chicken-shits afraid of guns that believe in masks.
  2. Families should have “recall” plans for distributed children to come home.
  3. Assume no cellular and no electricity and no water for 30 days or more.
  4. Need a plan to blockade vehicular and pedestrian entrances as needed.
  5. If neighbors will not collaborate in self-defense consider a bug out option.
  6. Need unique siren signal to mobilize neighborhood.
  7. Need radios for both block wardens and blockade team leaders.
  8. Need batteries for radios and flashlights for 30 days sustained operations.
  9. Assume law enforcement is locked down by bribery of public officials.
  10. Blockade personnel should wear masks and be prepared to kill.
  11. Blockade vehicles should have license plates covered.
  12. Plan for a neighborhood gasoline and oil resupply chain for 30 days.
  13. In addition  to shotguns at each point, at least one sniper up high
  14. Homes need to start working toward installed 30 day water storage
  15. Homes need to start working toward one generator each
  16. If natural gas not in home, should have propane gas grill
  17. Stocks of canned goods edible cold are important.
  18. Plan for pet food or executing your pets.
  19. Identify all badge holders and veterans, use them as leaders
  20. If you have a good sheriff, establish radio contact plan.
  21. The USA is not Central America or the Balkans — but it could be.




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